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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Handwriting on the Wall

Liberal Handwriting on the Wall


James Bredin

Canadians didnít need it, didnít ask for it but he put them in this stew,
Chretien and Trudeau wrote the Charter in nineteen eighty two,
And then the Supreme Court made some mighty strange decisions,
ĎBout pornography, the definition of spouse, - complete legal revisions,
Chretien condescended by refusing to use his "notwithstanding clause",
Because by doing so he would show up his Charterís glaring flaws,
And in nineteen ninety three he wrote the little Liberal red book,
Ďbout political trust and confidence - slimy political gobbledygook.

He would appoint an ethics commissioner to help with Liberal integrity,
Who would report to parliament - not some Liberal subcommittee,
And they would have a code of conduct for all their cabinet members,
Itís still a secret, no one has seen it or no one can remember,
And the ethics guy who only reports to Chretien is now part of the trouble,
Attempting to conceal certain flaws contained in the Liberal bubble,
And that promise that they would eventually cancel the hated GST,
Forget about that, forget what is right and any hard-earned honesty.

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