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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Ethics

Liberal Ethics


James Bredin

"Transitional Jobs Fund grants" - the name was kinda funny,
The Liberal method of doling out taxpayers’ money,
They used Liberal Party officials to assess the organizations,
To hide and guide their donations to the correct corporations,
They funneled the money straight to their sponsor supporters,
And concealed the conspiracy from newspaper reporters,
Then they stonewalled the opposition requests for the truth,
So it would make no difference at the polling booth.

But the newspapers found out and they wrote it all,
One might think that the Liberals should crawl,
No such luck as they lied their way in all those question periods,
And constantly concealed their conspiracies by the myriads,
They claimed nothing wrong with their process of approval,
And Canadians should not consider voting their removal,
And the RCMP and the ethics guy all looked the other way,
Plush appointments could swing on whom they could betray.

That period has gone now - hard-pressed into history,
By another election where the results were no mystery,
No conflict of interest by the appointed ethics guy,
And the Liberals reelected completely high and dry,
All the sins of the past were completely wiped clean,
By a blind electorate mesmerized and bought by Jean,
No apologies were necessary by tax and spend officials,
As they travel for free on the strength of their initials.

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