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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Agreement 2

Kyoto Agreement 2


James Bredin

The average Canadian hasnít got a clue
What the Kyoto Agreement might do or undo
So Iíll take you through for a quick review
As the others too strive to show their views
Change laws and regulations and push it through
And you will love it Ďcause they told you to
And the greenhouse gasses theyíll subdue
Itíll fix us all up and we wont feel so blue

You may wonder whatís concealed in this stew
Do greenhouse gasses give you the flu?
Itís nuclear stuff - all out of view
They want clean air and no smog will do
And CANDU reactors so clean and new
Nuclear radiation could make its debut
As those downwind at Chernobyl knew
And cancer can turn you a golden hue

President Bush wants nothing to do
With the Kyoto agreement and thatís true
And Premier Klein agrees with him too
Still Chretien and crew want to push it through
And get Canadians involved in this stew
Where large unemployment is sure to ensue
And you thought that something might be askew
Well this is the truth and its nothing new

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