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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Joe Clark

Joe Clark


James Bredin

Joe: I remember the two hundred days you were prime minister,
You tried to tax the cost of gas another eighteen cents - quite sinister,
Like your mentor Mulroney (he of the GST) you liked to tax and spend,
And travel the world at taxpayersí expense, touting Trudeauís trend.

Went to India, Israel, Japan and Jordan within that tiny time,
Insisted your minority government was a majority which was fine,
Except the Liberals were watching and they knew how to count,
You didnít have the numbers, Joe; you didnít have the right amount.

You were Mulroneyís (he of the GST) minister of external affairs,
Years at the UN with the pompous prancing prates but who cares,
Tried to Change the Charter at Charlottetown but got it all wrong,
By giving more to Quebec and every minority that came along.

But now I hear youíre talking Ďbout leaving the leadership again,
But as usual youíve got conditions which adds to the distain,
Joe: even you should realize that youíre Chretienís best friend,
You split the opposition so those Liberals were free to tax and spend.

Your legacy Joe will be less than Chretienís - exactly zero,
So thereís no use in pretending, youíre not going to be a hero,
The party got what they deserved when you returned after you went,
Down like the value of the $dollar - down near sixty cents.

I donít trust you for a minute, Joe,
Saying you might retire but might not go,
Both you and Mulroney were socialists to the core,
And at the UN you were one very pompous bore.

I know Joe, youíre not going away,
Just another side step so you can delay and stay,
Get your old job back at the United Nations,
Maybe do something about Canada/US relations.

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