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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Jean goes home while George goes to war

Jean goes home while George goes to war


James Bredin

Billion dollar scandals are the norm,
Line up for gun registration form,
Because they have no-term-limit strife,
Liberals decided they’ll stay for life.

Closed for Christmas -- the usual two months,
They close often -- one of their frequent stunts,
You remember the missing billion dollars?
No one could find it -- not even their scholars.

Then twenty two police investigations,
Missing too at unknown locations,
Maybe just hidden in bureaucracy,
Part of their ongoing hypocrisy.

Billion dollar helicopter contract,
Cancelled as insignificant and compact,
Then paid another billion dollar fine,
For forty-year-old machines in decline.

What about the Shawinigan affair?
Millions missing but nothing wrong they swear,
Criminal guy never did anything wrong,
Ethics guy and RCMP swan song.

Believe it or not, then it gets worse,
Got reelected by those behind hearse,
Canadians didn’t know how vehement,
Now they’ve got the Kyoto Agreement.

Add annual Auditor General reports,
Millions more missing at Human Resource,
Then this toothless tiger takes time off,
While US at war and MPs at the trough.

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