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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court


James Bredin

The UN will pay the vast expenses of the court,
And appoint the judges from their own elitist sort,
Persons nominated from each national crowd,
In different dictatorships this is certainly allowed.

And Canadians will accept all their legal conclusions,
Locked in by a law of lounge lizard Liberal delusions,
Written by our international socialist politicians,
Who constantly travel with no conditions or commissions.

And laugh at the Americans for showing their reluctance,
They’re slow to accept this international socialist inductance,
Who insist that their military might avoid being arrested,
By a system without a jury whose policies are untested.

These powerful independent and unaccountable judges,
Have prosecutors who could push periodic grudges,
And countries that show reluctance better be concerned,
Decisions that can’t be questioned or even adjourned.

And human rights will play a part in all these decisions,
And the definition of human rights is open for revisions,
Anyone can complain - any state or any human being,
Every grudge in the world and no one quite agreeing.

And a country can be charged, prosecuted and fined,
By politically correct pundits who have an axe to grind,
This expensive can of worms will need soldiers of course,
Peacekeepers they’re called from every national force.

National rights mean nothing to international types,
They’ve listened too long to special-interest hype,
Mr. Chretien passed their law; Bill C-nineteen,
Canadians weren’t watching and Liberals were keen.

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