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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Impose their quota system

Impose their quota system


James Bredin

They had a piece of paper -- just a warrant to arrest,
Another guy wanted for murder, times three - no less,
And on a hot night in July they went to the address,
Complex cul de sac of sadness, madness and excess.

It was dark because the streetlights had been knocked out,
They parked out front to check the warrant and look about,
Slowly they realized that the street seemed full of evil eyes,
And maybe they should stall and consider this surprise.

Would the car be here when they returned from the fourth floor?
Through swarming shadows of strangers with their arrested bro?
Would he come quietly or should they call for more help?
Would he roar racial profiling or maybe scream and yelp?

Could this be a prelude for more phony allegations?
Controlled by politically correct media corporations?
Why give them reason to pump their self-righteous wrought?
And publicly point their prejudiced finger of distraught?

No welcome here for fearless family fathers - just glares,
No Complaint Bureaucrats and no Internal Affairs,
No pompous political correctness - just reality,
No love lost, no leadership and no hospitality.

The car turned straight and slowly silently slunk away,
They played passive policing of the cautious to prevail,
No one would know -- no reports, no contact and no complaint,
No court case, no damaged car nor reason for restraint.

The activists of affirmative action had done well,
Society had slid a bit down the road to hell,
They pushed for racial profiling in their quota scheme,
Pumped out in papers of a politically correct regime.

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