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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Horrible Canadian Experience

Horrible Canadian Experience


James Bredin

If you were sent to prison and given a monstrous fine,
By a lesbian feminist judge with an axe to grind,
And you felt that justice had definitely not been done,
By this political appointee with her hair in a bun,
And your politically correct lawyer said itís great,
ĎCause Canadians you see canít question or debate,
You have to kowtow to the absolute power above,
You canít question authority; you just have to love.

If your member of parliament was off in Rwanda,
Driving Mister Mugabe around in his rented Honda,
Or directing your money to friends in Shawinigan,
Or wondering if he should retire or stay in again,
If his Charter allowed everyone in the world to come here,
Families of terrorists and refugees on welfare and beer,
If he had promised his friends a large legacy of pork,
Would you believe this incredible lying Liberal dork?

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