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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Holy Catholic Ireland

Holy Catholic Ireland


James Bredin

In holy Catholic Ireland the secrets are seeping out,
Creeping up through the floorboards leaving absolutely no doubt,
The accusations have gone back twenty, thirty, forty years,
They’re finally coming of age and casting off their fears.

They’re going to have an inquiry, maybe this year or next,
The hierarchy of the church is vexed and quite perplexed,
The bishop then expressed regret and said he was concerned,
Especially about that priest he stayed instead of being spurned.

He allowed the sin to continue and others to be destroyed,
It went on for years with a pedophile priest sinfully deployed,
He didn’t move or rock the boat while children were abused,
He only showed that he was concerned when someone stood accused.

‘Cause clerical child-abuse complaints were not high on his list,
Of things to fix when they complained that they were getting kissed,
An audit of the dioceses will be chaired by a judge,
Let’s hope that they will publish all this dirty slimy sludge.

They’ll also hold a hearing with another commissioned team,
Chaired by a cardinal with help from another senior dean,
Which shows that the Irish are not completely out of the mud,
Or the trauma of pedophiles committing crimes in cold blood.

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