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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Getting Old

Getting Old


James Bredin

Im not too keen about being old and getting older,
Or summers getting hotter or winters getting colder,
My stories and my memory banks are greatly overloaded,
And people peer at me as though Im overly eroded.

Id like to do it all again but know what I know now,
Cause lifes a risky thing for those not sure or dont know how,
And that was me for many years and I was a sight,
Drank too much, sang too much - I lived a wild delight.

Im not worried that my future may be short and sad,
Or that theyd point at this old guy and say, "Hes slightly mad."
No its not that that causes me to ponder or to worry,
Its being helpless at the mercy of someone in a hurry.

Im worried about being dependent and a burden to all,
Like some of those old folk I see being pushed through the mall,
Id rather be an eccentric with exotic tropic flowers,
Than sit around a senior palace where fine folk cower.

Id love to be a nuisance to those crooked politicians,
Make them realize that Im aware of their pompous ambitions,
Id like to see governments change at least three or four times,
And the national debt paid down right to the very last dime.

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