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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - G8 Before It#s Too Late

G8 Before It#s Too Late


James Bredin

Why is China or India not members of this G8 crowd?
Are they not big enough or numerous or are they too proud?
Why can’t Brazil or South Korea be included in this pack?
Is it something ‘bout their economies or something they lack?
Are they not all members of the UN General throng?
Where they could talk ‘bout hunger or correct what’s wrong?
Why Kananaskis, why this place, why this problem and why now?
After his trip to Africa; does Chretien want to take a bow?

Why would they produce a poll that we are pleased and agree?
That we’re at fault for African famines and we should pay to feel free?
Why did Zimbabwe’s Mugabe demand more aid recently in Rome?
Why did Chretien help him in Brisbane at the Commonwealth Dome?
Why do they both pick elections dates when they feel the time is rife?
Why would they both want to stay in power for the rest of their life?
Why will these communists and socialists demand billions more?
With propaganda pictures of starving kids that we’ve seen before?

Why is it possible now to see the handwriting on the wall?
Why do pompous politicians long to leave a legacy at all?
Why will their propaganda pronounce everything is fine?
Why will those in power absolutely never never resign?
Why did Kofi Annan say Africa had thirty wars in thirty years?
Despite the billions in aid with mounting debts and arrears?
Why does Chretien believe we should send billions more?
Why did his nephew say Canada preferred Gore?

Why can’t you answer these questions and feel free?
And solve Canada’s problems to a tolerable degree?
Why are we captured in this giant political bog?
Why does the news have that polluted propaganda fog?
Why no influence, no callbacks, no referendums or power?
Why can’t we fix this country; why can’t we empower?
Does democracy mean an election only when they decide?
And send billions to Mugabe so his famine will subside?

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