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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - G8



James Bredin

These special interest citizens have inserted their control,
Their secret agendas could push us down the tax toilet bowl,
At the next G8 meeting because of their socialist ass kiss,
Theyíll push for their policies when they meet at Kananaskis.

They want billions for Africa despite thirty years of wars,
Despite men like Mugabe and his war vets who are hard to ignore,
Despite the billions already sent there but who bothers to count?
When the issue is socialism, not Zimbabwe or Swiss bank accounts.

Do these Liberal politicians dream schemes on foreign haciendas?
And conspire to get the G8 to impose their global socialist agendas?
But, they declare that their aid will be tied to democracy,
This is how they will sell it to the citizens - forget the hypocrisy.

Canadians donít mind if they are taxed right up to the hilt,
Itís called Canadian values - itís how the country was built,
Thatís why he wrote the Charter with no rights to possessions,
And our dollar took a dive and still down in deep depression.

They want the Americans to get onboard and stop all this rant,
Forget this "axis of evil" fixation and all this anti terrorist chant,
Focus up front on African aid, AIDS and forgive all foreign debt,
Get socialist priorities straight, get in line and donít get upset.

Learn to tax and spend, fund and lend, forgive foreign loans,
Adapt Canadian values, socialist policies and forget the unknowns,
Conceal the cost, itís taxes lost or how to implement the plan,
Itís a socialist thing, all on one wing, global public relations, man.

After the G8 meeting, when theyíve written their reports,
And the Liberals continue traveling to their usual foreign resorts,
Nothing will change in Africa but Canadian taxes will increase,
Mister Mugabe in Zimbabwe will get even more police.

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