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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Demonize the Damned

Demonize the Damned


James Bredin

It’s easy to denounce and demonize a race,
Make a comment, point the fickly finger of disgrace,
Position of the powerful and all that they’ve got,
Human nature to protect it from that other foreign lot.

History is full with illustrations of hatred for them,
Those who talk odd or have another god - easy to condemn,
Those who look different, are poor, or impolite,
Not white, who’s right, instigator’s delight, all right to incite.

To demonize is trendy and it changes like the fashions,
Demonize the Blacks, the Jews or Palestinians with passions,
Demonize the Russians, the Serbs - those fit to be bombed,
Just because Milosovich wouldn’t change or be calmed.

Demonize the Germans - don’t forget that guy called Hitler,
Fashions change, forget the past - mild as your little sister,
The demonized of yesteryear may be our friends tomorrow,
Let’s sit down and think about this contemplate the sorrow.

Demonize Sadam - he’s due and up for another round,
The dictator of Baghdad, has all that oil still in the ground,
He was once a friend -- fashions change -- due for an upheaval,
He’s far away and over there and now in the axis of evil.

The modern equivalent is a scream from the politically correct,
Claiming that your "racist rant" has no reason or respect,
Self-righteous types are always right and always ever ready,
Point a big fat finger ‘cause they’re so upright and steady.

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