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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Democracy In Canada Now

Democracy In Canada Now


James Bredin

Democracy in Canada is an illusion,
An unfortunate Canadian delusion,
Someone told us Ďbout democracy long ago,
But because we never had it, we didnít know.

Every five years we vote for a politician,
And he goes to Ottawa with his ambition,
He thinks he will represent his people back home,
Told about Party discipline - no stand alones.

We have this imposed Charter that Chretien wrote,
Written for "Everyone" in the world you might note,
That means Ben Laden and his terrorist crew,
Signed by the queen in 1982 but who knew.

International Ottawa socialists think itís great,
They rule so no need for democratic debate,
No property rights while Canadians betrayed,
By pompous left-wingers with their big masquerade.

And terrorists and refugees arrive every day,
Demanding their rights and with welfare they stay,
With legal aid lawyers all the way up to the top,
With Charter like that, why go elsewhere to shop?

No binding referendums or callbacks allowed,
Democracy dead and dressed up in a shroud,
No proportional representation and thatís fine,
But donít dare talk about it and donít even whine.

They seem immune from criminal prosecution,
While Canadians accept their persecution,
While they masquerade their ethics with appointments,
Criminal intent becomes mere disappointments.

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