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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dealing with Nuclear Disaster

Dealing with Nuclear Disaster


James Bredin

Itís obvious to anyone with a brain in their head,
Weíre talking cancer and an awful lot of dead,
Nuclear power plants are sitting nuclear bombs,
Waiting for terrorists not known for their qualms.

Sorry to disturb your peaceful placid dreams,
Planted by nuclear lobbyists of government regimes,
What happened in New York on September eleven,
Should teach us that weíre not that far from heaven.

Or hell in a nuclear nightmare stuck on the highway,
Wth two million others fleeing the radiation flyway,
After the hijacked jet plane crashed the power plant,
Despite the nuclear nerds who said terrorists canít.

Meltdown can play havoc with nuclear reactors,
Despite the calculations and factors of detractors,
As if Chernobyl and Three Mile Island didnít occur,
Canít learn from history - that would be absurd.

Their technology they say is superb and superior,
Only they know what goes on in a reactor interior,
Their nuclear cult of university higher education,
We should be proud of their scientific creation.

Weíre helpless nothings watching from the side,
With no place to hide, may end up being fried,
Get up from this trench; the bullets donít hurt,
Believe in the leadership but donít stay too alert.

But sir I was thinking Ďbout that big mushroom cloud,
The one you said couldnít happen; you vowed,
Remember when you spoke about public security,
You mentioned the environment, Kyoto, and air purity.

Iím sorry I wasnít paying too much attention,
The trivia of the day caught my comprehension,
Remember they said that everything was dependable,
And now it appears weíre all quite expendable.

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