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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Communist Editorials

Communist Editorials


James Bredin

Soft shoed Socialist editorial writers are the norm,
Piously push their communist policies, even inform,
Never called communist or socialist or given a name,
Nor do they admit theyíre Liberal -- they never proclaim.

Their total commitment to these policies both day and night,
Combined with their righteous indignation with those on the right,
Is comfortably camouflaged within Liberal causes,
Wrapped up in their weasel words from a group of Santa Clauses.

They want government control of everything and anything,
Complete organizational management from their left wing,
Find the feminist few and adapt their foolish commie stance,
Scream for justice till those committed are in a complete trance.

They want all criminals and scoundrels in special protection,
Total objection to hanging, the chair or lethal injection,
No punishment for prisoners because they need to be cleared,
We just need more legal aid lawyers to defend these revered.

They dislike justice system unless itís lenient and mild,
Want more halfway houses for paroled rapists, who may have smiled,
Want a political inquiry into why the sky is so high and blue,
These communist cadres know exactly what they pursue.

Thank God all newspapers are not so communist confined,
Thereís still one or two on the ground not socialist inclined,
The Sun still tells us the truth but itís a long and lonely road,
Theyíre good and they donít have to write socialist stuff in code.

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