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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Chretien and the UN Kyoto Agreement

Chretien and the UN Kyoto Agreement


James Bredin

Read this carefully because we may be going down the tubes together,
It’s about global warming and how they’re going to control us by tether,
These international socialists types want sustainable development and power,
So when Chretien signs Kyoto, we’re going to be devoured.

Foreign interests will control the growth of our Canadian economy,
They’re international socialists so forget sovereignty and autonomy,
We have to worry about the environment, greenhouse gasses - not jobs,
And we will limit our emissions for these international socialist slobs.

Disagreements are not allowed; we fall in line when Chretien signs the line,
It’s too late to malign, to define or combine with employment in decline,
We’re going to be happy; we’re going to stand up straight and laugh,
Don’t worry about anything; they’re doing everything on your behalf.

And you’ve been trained to listen to all their socialist propaganda,
Pumped and pushed with pompous pride from a Liberal memoranda,
Don’t worry about global warming but worry about your job,
When they close down the place you work blame this socialist mob.

But by then it’s too late you’re now among the unemployed,
You depend on them for handouts; you can’t show that you’re annoyed,
But the Americans are different; they care for their staff,
And they know as they watch, They're going to have the last laugh.

President Bush doesn’t want to subordinate his country to UN types,
And the Americans are behind him holding up their Stars and Stripes,
Premier Klein in Alberta says much the same thing,
But the international socialists still think that they are king.

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