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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Chretien#s Legacy

Chretien#s Legacy


James Bredin

Chretien’s loony Liberals will leave us a legacy indeed,
With a lousy fifty-cent loony just to show how they succeed,
And their Charter written by Trudeau and Mister Chretien too,
Leaves us lots refugees and terrorists, just to name a few.

Canadians lost a legacy of democracy and law,
And a dollar worth a dollar ten - blown away like straw,
Left with a national debt of six hundred billion that grows and grows,
And judge-made laws by appointees dressed up in bishops’ clothes.

And those loony left Liberals are far from finished yet,
More money to friend Mugabe ‘cause we can go deeper in debt,
He needs that money in Zimbabwe or in his Swiss bank account,
Or a Bombardier jet -- it doesn’t matter the amount.

Their Charter allows Indians now to claim a province or two,
In front of the appointed judges and there’s nothing we can do,
Loony Liberals will never use the notwithstanding clause,
Introduced by Chretien himself - a socialist Santa Clause.

We’re supposed to appreciate his loony legacy of lies,
Of tax and spend and Shawinigan that will never never die,
No charter change, no property rights and never questioned judges,
No proportional representation -- legacy of grudges.

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