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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians and the Liberals

Canadians and the Liberals


James Bredin

Canadians are not often allowed much time to think,
It’s Liberal propaganda pumped out at every blink,
This ominous management of news and the media,
Praises policies with every phrase in the encyclopedia,
Can’t stop Charter-right refugee or terrorist arrivals,
Don’t listen to those rabble rousing opposition rivals,
Chretien wrote the Charter and refugees will vote,
In three years time it’s only Liberals they’ll promote.

Canadians will have to wait until he calls an election,
Depends if it’s a scandal or another auditor general detection,
What’s a billion dollars -- just more missing money,
To be buried by the media -- three days - quick like a bunny,
And those police investigations - swept under the rug,
Ask the RCMP, the ethics guy or some other appointed slug,
Canadians don’t get a chance to vote for this prime minister,
He’s chosen by the Liberals, quickly quietly and sinister.

Proportional representation is prohibited in their news,
Canadians might get notions and cut the Liberals loose,
He appoints his few friends as Supreme Court judges,
Without questions ‘bout queers or other prejudiced grudges,
And they’ll decide about the laws and regulations they’ll change,
Not parliament or democracy - that’s so slow and so strange,
Multiculturalism and bilingualism is so sophisticated today,
Remember unilingual Canadians - they’re so easy to betray.

No term limits - Liberals want to stay in office forever,
With the Maritimes on welfare to show they’re quite clever,
Can’t impeach a prime minister no matter the cronies or the crime,
They’ll block that news in the media, especially in prime time,
Forget dollarization or the six hundred billion national debt,
‘Cause these tax, travel and spend Liberals are not finished yet,
Refuse recall and referendums; point finger; scream "racist!"
Assign a member to maintain they may be Maoist and Marxist.

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