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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadians Lack Clout

Canadians Lack Clout


James Bredin

If youíre a Canadian and not a minority, you donít count,
ĎCause the system is geared to mind minorities to no small amount,
Itís not designed to help ordinary Canadians all the time,
Itís pin pointed for special interests just like organized crime.

Democracy is out the door because Canadians seldom vote,
Forty percent canít find a politician they could promote,
This allows manipulation and patronage by that Liberal group,
With forty percent of sixty percent theyíre allowed to regroup.

Canadians have the added problem in that they seldom complain,
And these elected Liberals treat them with isolated distain,
And travel the world while imparting well-paid appointments,
To well connected friends in the world of disappointments.

Canadians are not allowed to vote for their prime minister,
Itís these same system of well-connected friends - secret and sinister,
And the laws are all made by their appointed Supreme Court,
Bent for special-interest friends - no referendums or support.

Canadians are not allowed to be individuals or different,
In a socialist system geared for groups - isolated and indifferent,
While the national debt soars to six hundred billion,
And the tax-and-spend Liberals forgive foreigners zillions.

The party line and propaganda has lulled Canadians to sleep,
And Canadians follow the shepherd like good obedient sheep,
While being distracted here and there from whatís really going on,
And they all go back to sleep or have another yawn.

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