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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Supreme Court Judges

Canadian Supreme Court Judges


James Bredin

The Supreme Court judges should be free from politicians,
And their life-time appointments should not have conditions,
They should not have to base their decisions on his Charter,
Written for "all" including illegals and terrorist martyrs.

The man who appointed them wrote their international Charter,
Him and Trudeau back around the time of President Jimmy Carter,
His appointees altered more laws than parliament can make,
Heavy handed decisions where no people can partake.

If the Supreme Court rules then why vote for politicians?
If the laws on the books are altered without votes or traditions?
Common law or case law changed by this unquestioned bunch,
Their bigotry and intolerance - wrapped up in a secret hunch.

Judicial dictatorship is the phrase that has been used,
By those who are confused and not terribly amused,
But Liberals love it - they avoid all dicey decisions,
Don’t want the notwithstanding clause nor Charter revisions.

The propaganda of their faithful comes on strong every day,
From their media moguls who guide Canadians in this fray,
The Charter they say is the best thing ever since sliced bread,
It matters little that in the meantime if democracy is dead.

So believe in them and their court because they are supreme,
It doesn’t matter if their decisions on porn and spouse are extreme,
We’re all in this together and we’re such a happy bunch,
Forget about it, go to Tim Horton’s and maybe have some lunch.

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