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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Soul

Canadian Soul


James Bredin

Canadian Immigration lost a hundred thousand phony refugees,
Many came from the United States where they were considered deportees,
But the Liberals accepted them because they are good future voters,
Treat these terrorist warlords on welfare as great Liberal promoters,
And Canadians endured this type of conduct from their Liberal politicians,
They never question Immigration Commission positions and traditions,
Because Canadians have been told and told almost every day of their lives,
Itís all Charter Rights and human rights for all those who arrive.

And the Liberals are not corrupt according to their propaganda machine,
As they pump and proclaim their party line thatís both routine and obscene,
They promote the immigration industry, appeal boards and their status quo,
Change nothing, travel far, buy votes, stay in power - thatís all they know,
They donít care if a few fine terrorists should skip and disappear,
Those who point these facts are obviously racist rednecks drinking beer,
Itís Charter Rights for "everyone" written by Chretien and Trudeau,
Forget September 11th, thatís an American problem, didnít you know?

Canadians are aware that theyíre in titanic political trouble,
They need someone to come along and break this vast Liberal bubble,
But the Liberals know how to delay, contain, curtail, and even reverse,
Buy a province, a region, his hometown with the bottomless federal purse,
They know how to brazen it out with their vast disciplined majority,
That will surely go down in history as the most corrupt sorority,
Proportional representation might just save the Canadian soul,
Before the country goes deeper, deeper, down in a hole.

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