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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Nuclear Poem

Canadian Nuclear Poem


James Bredin

They built CANDU reactors in the fifties in haste,
Never thought much about all that nuclear waste,
Their total commitment has left us a bad taste,
Where to stash the stuff -- radioactive and cancer laced.

They established a panel and conferred at length,
Then formed a committee and discussed what they spent,
Don’t panic the public; we have to pay the rent,
‘Cause if this stuff blows, we’ll be living in a tent.

We need a waste management organization they say,
Private but government funded - taxpayers pay.
To dig a hole and hide these spent nuclear rods away
Deep in the Canadian Shield - someplace faraway.

This nuclear stuff stays active for thousands of years,
We may be treating our descendents to terrible tears,
This long-term planning - they’re giving us the gears -
And their propaganda is reason enough to have fears.

"Environmental assessment" is a phrase that they use,
To hide their objectives and continue their ruse,
We are the unfortunates, who will eventually loose,
Don’t phone your politician, he’s away on a cruise.

Let’s call a moratorium on all this nuclear stuff,
Switch to gas, coal or oil - enough is enough,
Don’t sign Kyoto or we’ll end up in the rough,
Concern for Chernobyl is late and it’s tough.

Referendums and callbacks might keep them in check,
‘Cause this nuclear cult is a pain in the neck,
Their nuclear lobby is high up there on the deck
Of Titanic politicians near a nuclear wreck.

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