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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Nuclear Commission

Canadian Nuclear Commission


James Bredin

Are we so subservient with our heads in sand?
Silent as they tell us ‘bout their new nuclear plan.
They never cite Chernobyl - that near meltdown site,
Meltdown nuclear radiation - radioactive flight,
Soviet Union - what do you expect -- no democracy,
Cancer then added to their communist autocracy,
But here in Canada, the lobby’s exactly the same,
Nuclear addled nerds have charge of the cancer game.

Here these elites will study and form a commission,
And learn the impact of a Canadian meltdown condition.
How many towns and villages would have to be deserted?
Should the people in the City of Toronto be alerted?
And most important; who should take the blame?
For this national disaster nuclear meltdown shame?
Can’t put the onus on one Ottawa politician,
‘Cause they’ll write the report of this $tudy commi$$ion.

Radioactive radiation released will shift with the wind,
And those downwind will pay for those who have sinned,
For being silent and subservient when they should protest,
For corrupt politicians who should be under arrest,
But the elite appointees of ethics in Ottawa feel secure,
Far from nuclear radiation and no need for a cancer cure,
Propaganda pushed by policies and all will be shelved,
Prancing pious pompous prate though nothing was delved.

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