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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Boomers

Canadian Boomers


James Bredin

Canadian busy boomers are forbidden to find fault,
Cannot change the skewed system or bring it to a halt,
Pushed by propaganda that the Charter is great,
Canít vote for a prime minister who decides election dates.

No proportional representation - their propaganda says no way,
The appointed Supreme Court says what will go and what will stay,
These unquestioned nerds stay till theyíre seventy-five,
Dole out dictatorial decisions like pompous prejudiced scribes.

This judicial dictatorship could of course be stopped,
By using the notwithstanding clause, their egos could be popped,
Or binding referendums could rearrange their influence in this land,
Or political term limits might impede their grand stand.

Canít fool with Francophonie, -- theyíre politically correct and French,
Quebec might be displeased and could cause an immense stench,
Canadians canít impeach a prime minister despite cronies or crimes,
Conflict of interest in Ottawa or Shawinigan - a blight of the times.

Bilingualism and multiculturalism are policies that will stay,
To cull all those votes from Quebec and those from far away,
And appointed for life senators without a job description,
Access to Information stops questions - proof of power addiction.

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