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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canada and this War

Canada and this War


James Bredin

Canadian senators who were appointed by him,
Reported and suggested that he cut and trim,
The armed forces because of what they sadly lack,
Especially in this little war starting up in Iraq.

Itís not about NATO or Norad or friendly fire,
They say our military is stretched right to the wire,
Itís not about his relationship with George Bush,
Nor is it his reluctance about this UN push.

Itís not about these refugee or terrorist types,
Who in Canada are certain of their Charter rights,
And he wrote it all in the days of Jimmy Carter,
When he and Trudeau wrote their Canadian Charter.

Heís trying to control his government agenda,
And delay that retirement back to his veranda,
And fend off these feelings of fury so vehement,
Concentrate on pushing the Kyoto Agreement.

This war could sidetrack and control all the media,
Journalists using the whole encyclopedia,
To describe and explain whatís going on in Iraq,
Forgetting his Ottawa agenda and track.

And when you loose the media youíve lost half control,
Where the government could be blindfolded in a hole,
Could put a big dent in his long term ambitions,
Who would even care about greenhouse gas emissions?

He thought of calling another snap election,
Because Canadians need him for help and direction,
Thereís no one on the horizon who can do the job,
Especially over in that opposition mob.

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