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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canada#s Future

Canada#s Future


James Bredin

He’s going to prove to one and all that he can stay,
And at that next Liberal conference they’ll vote the right way,
He wants to call an election but first he has to plan,
He has to have a reason; it could be Iraq or Iran.

A government program for those east of Ontario,
The usual - easy socialist scenario,
Those lucky Canadians will receive certain gains,
Benefits coinciding with an election campaign.

They will of course - they always have -- vote the right way,
And easy decision when you’re looking at some pay,
Blatantly proposed as if it never happened before,
His last stand so it won’t happen anymore.

At least that’s what he’ll say as he sends out the checks,
That buy Quebec and the Maritimes right up to their necks,
And those other Canadians will just have to pay,
For his honesty and openness ‘cause he won’t go away.

The Party is immune from criminal prosecution,
You saw it all in the Shawinigan solution,
And that missing billion dollars - who knows where it went?
RCMP and the ethics guy looked and they’re not bent.

He will hire twenty thousand more civil servants,
Bilingual, observant to watch farmers and be fervent,
Release a lot of prisoners because they’re not really bad,
Except farmers of course and Canadians will be glad.

And no term limits is the reason he can stay,
He can travel the world and invite refugees to play,
And he wrote "Everyone" when he wrote the Charter,
That means Ben Laden or any terrorist martyr.

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