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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Auditor Generals# Reports 2

Auditor Generals# Reports 2


James Bredin

Liberal sleaze and cronyism involves contracts with friends,
Shows political conflict of interest is one of these modern trends,
The auditor-generals’ reports for the past ten years,
Proclaim that pushy pompous politicians have no particular fears.

Their lax government standards have left us all bereft,
Their lack of ethics and oversights may amount to outright theft,
But no one knows for sure and no one takes the fall,
A million here a million there and some maybe over the wall.

Add to this a prime minister who begged loans for friends,
For a shady shack in Shawinigan and other odds and ends,
Public opinion ‘bout these sleazy types is more than accepting,
As they cheat and lie and do damage control by political intercepting.

Slush funds are all covered with politically correct names,
In "Canadian values" it’s called regional development games,
The socialists accepting are never never queried,
And accountability and control is only for the wearied.

The many acronyms and names leave a haze in the air,
Screens this welfare as though no one had anything to declare,
Added to the national debt and we may end up in rags.

And now this hazy cloud of sleaze hangs over the nation,
And the Liberals also hide money in nine different foundations,
And the appointed ethics guy and appointed RCMP commissioner,
Stay away from the heat in front of an air conditioner.

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