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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Apologies to George W Bush

Apologies to George W Bush


James Bredin

Iíll have to say that Iím thoroughly ashamed,
Heís looking for evidence to avoid being blamed,
By his socialist friends over in the UN zone,
And in appeasement he says, "Donít do it alone."

He just returned from meeting Castro and Mugabe,
Socialist/communist friends from Cuba and Zimbabwe,
Over in Johannesburg and gave them $billions for fun,
And now wants evidence of Saddamís smoking gun.

Like Chamberlain when about nineteen thirty nine,
Held up a piece of paper saying "peace in our time."
His policies of appeasement were exactly the same,
Chretien and his sixty-cent dollar - game of shame.

It makes every Canadian bow their head in disgrace,
Swamped in his multicultural bought socialist place,
Watching him as he goes through the political motions,
Pompous pious platitudes giving friends promotions.

Whoís side is he on, this indecisive flaccid waffle?
The chips are down and heís beginning to look awful,
Will he want to join after the US and Britain succeed
Will they listen to him then, with his UN socialist creed?

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