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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Advice from the prime minister

Advice from the prime minister


James Bredin

Canadians didnít elect me to be prime minister, so why should I care?
It was socialist Liberals, who voted me their leader -- you should be aware,
Therefore I donít depend on you unless youíre an elected Liberal too,
And if you are, Iíll introduce you to party discipline so enough out of you!

Thatís why those loudmouth right-wing farmers and rednecks out West are so upset,
Uneducated types havenít learned how to vote for their Liberal candidate yet,
If they did, there wouldnít be so many of them sitting around in jail,
Iíd just send some Liberal guy from Ottawa to go and pay their bail.

And no one knows when or if the next election will be called, except me,
And without referendums, term limits or call backs, Iíll keep them guessing you see,
And proportional representation will not be discussed or allowed around here,
ĎCause power is the ultimate aphrodisiac in Ottawa, my dear.

We need many more middling opposition parties, at least eight or nine,
And their leaders with elevated egos that will never ever match mine,
There are many many socialist Canadians who want me to stay here for life,
And Iíll use all the media and empty pious words to prove that they are right.

We also have socialist Charter commitments for "everyone" in Zimbabwe,
Thatís what Trudeau and I wrote in the Charter and I told my good friend Mugabe,
This is what Canadians want and thatís what Iím going out now to arrange,
Canadians are so happy and pleased that they donít want constitutional change.

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