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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Trudeau



James Bredin

I stood in the crowd when Trudeau was up front,
A small man ‘bout half your size; I have to be blunt,
He used the communist manifesto as his guiding light,
Wrote the Charter for all mankind to socialists’ delight.
Denied Canadians property rights despite the publicity,
Got the Queen to sign on in this giant complicity.
Caused judge-made laws to bypass democracy,
By his appointed friends in Supreme Court hypocrisy.

We became a judicial dictatorship with all the autocracy,
Despotism and Stalinism hidden in bureaucracy,
With human rights tribunals set up in every town,
To force their manifesto they would never back down,
Where no one ever used the notwithstanding clause,
To shortcut back to reality as they changed all the laws,
And Canadians became compliant; no one objected,
Even Quebec that refused to sign; did what was expected.

Trudeau liked Castro and started Canadian deficit spending,
And now we have that six hundred billion dollar bill pending,
He sang the "International" with his communist friends,
Now we’re caught in his Charter trap and cannot make amends,
Chretien wants to change Mount Logan to Mount Trudeau,
Or a scholarship plan so socialists can get more to kowtow,
When Trudeau was prime minister our dollar was worth a dollar,
Now close to sixty cents and heading down to squalor.

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