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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The old men at the Cedarbrea Plaza

The old men at the Cedarbrea Plaza


James Bredin

Thereís something going on at the Cedarbrae Center.
I want to join in and not be a dissenter.
Thereís a group of old men who are really excited,
Iím the same age; Iím concerned, but Iím never invited.
They speak a strange language from far far away,
Smoking with gestures excited as they push to convey.

Are they Greeks, Italians, Turks, Jews or Serbs,
Discussing with twisted vowels and tarnished verbs?
A plot, a plan, a revolution, a war or a riot?
Whatever it is; itís not being done on the quiet.
What lives did they live what things did they see?
To cause such excitement to the highest degree?

Thereís one who stands smart and struts his stuff,
Waves his hands in gestures like heís had enough.
Thereís a tall one who leans to catch every word,
And a small one straight from theater of the absurd.
Thereís one who seems to whisper, not to be heard,
And another who looks like a proper little nerd.

What could it be, theyíre so excited about?
Theyíve been plotting for years, day in and day out.
Thereís nothing that exciting happens around here.
No war no riots no revolution and nothing to fear.
I think Iíll sit down and watch from a distance,
In case something happens and they need my assistance.

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