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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Wrong Charter of Rights

The Wrong Charter of Rights


James Bredin

Canadians never asked for a Charter of Rights,
History had been kind to them under the northern lights,
But socialist politicians had these rights written down,
Got the Queen to sign them with the weight of the crown.

No referendum, no callbacks and no election dates,
No political term limits and they can close all debates,
No proportional representation or questioned high court judges,
‘Bout special interests or prejudices or socialist grudges.

The Charter of Rights gave Canadians responsibility,
For phony refugees and terrorists with all their hostility,
This socialist Charter was written for everyone on earth,
Saddled Canadians with accountability without much mirth.

Everything in the Charter, Canadians already had,
Plus property rights - not in the Charter - too bad.
The socialists stipulated that government would decide,
And appointed judges would point the way and guide.

Canadians accepted that this was the way to go,
Complements of Jean Chretien and Pierre Elliot Trudeau,
No one objected as these politicians had their way,
Taxed and spent and traveled and doubled their pay.

But the dollar dived down, down to almost to sixty cents,
Plus the six hundred billion dollar national debt nonsense,
And the politicians jumped up and said everything’s okay,
These socialists are happy while Canadians are led astray.

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