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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Failure of the International Criminal Court

The Failure of the International Criminal Court


James Bredin

Canada was a leading advocate in the arrangement of this organization,
To push the Liberal legacy - this UN politically correct formation,
This International Criminal Court should be good for a medal or two,
Their names could go down in history as the ones who stayed true blue.

And those eighteen appointed judges like nothing more than respect,
‘Cause those who appoint them know they’re politically correct,
No need to ask them questions ‘bout their political connections,
Their lobby groups or organizations or who’s giving them directions.

‘Cause they already know the bad ones - surprise surprise!
This international inquisition will investigate those they despise,
No such thing as not guilty - their cases will be all sublime,
These judges will justify their existence dispensing lots of jail time.

And the feminists and special-interests will all celebrate,
Push their pompous propaganda with little or no debate,
And tell the Americans that they too should be involved,
‘Cause the political problems of the world are almost all solved.

But you know the Americans - they’re quite independent,
And concerned that the court might be politically-correct dependent,
‘Cause if the special-interests begin to manage and control,
They could force the Americans to bow and extol.

Eventually in time this court will fall flat on its face,
‘cause their idea does not sit with the whole human race,
This Liberal obsession is an expensive pompous parade,
To push their socialist policies in a legal masquerade.

I hate to tell those who went or ratified the Treaty of Rome,
They would have been better off if they all had stayed home,
This is a boondoggle that is eventually bound to fall,
Stay far away from it, even if you have to crawl.

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