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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Americans

The Americans


James Bredin

Iím not an American and therefore itís easy for me to judge,
Though I view them with detachment, sometimes I envy and begrudge,
Theirs is a raging record of up and down - still not yet complete,
Iíve watched them through the years as they struggle and compete,
And as a keen observer from the outside looking in,
Sometimes I feel as though Iím watching close but distant kin,
Who at the World Trade Center got the shock of their lives,
Dead policemen, firemen, mothers, fathers and wives.

The Americans are so many, so different and diverse,
And in a hundred of languages they sometimes converse,
But they all subscribe to the magic of an immense melting pot,
Though they have always nodded and accepted their multilingual polyglot,
No need for government ministries to push pompous propaganda,
Of multicultural special interest types with bilingual memoranda,
American history books are full of bold enterprising ventures,
Since George the General and George the King had their adventures.

Their success has brought them hatred from many strange quarters,
Especially from religious groups that tutor terrorists to be martyrs,
Americans figured out that the Church and the state should be apart,
ĎCause maybe those so-called religious types were not all that smart,
And they went off to war to teach these terrorists retaliation,
Far away in a distant place - in an Afghanistan destination,
Americans have helped almost every other country in the world,
And where are they when needed with all their flags unfurled?

Even the United Nations used pompous extort type talk,
At the Durban Conference wanted billions and the US had to walk,
This is a generous country since way back when they began,
Especially since the Truman policies and the other Marshall Plan,
And four days after Durban, the terrorists struck on high,
And thousands of Americans were forced to instantly die.
I think itís time the Americans tried not to be so good,
And realized organizations and countries that are just no god-damn good.

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