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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Access to Information Act

The Access to Information Act


James Bredin

These plundering politicians will leave the country broke,
With a dollar worth a dime which the Access Act will cloak,
No referendums for the masses and no term limit checks.
No recall of politicians hidden right up to their necks.

How many illegal refugees did Canada accept today?
Were there terrorists among them and where did they stay?
Did they say they knew Osama; did they have wires from their boots?
Were they wearing pajamas or were some of them wearing suits?

Did the Access Act hide these facts in their vast bureaucracy?
Were these shrouded secrets too hidden in hypocrisy?
Will there ever come a time when Canadians will be allowed,
To see what’s concealed behind that Access Act cloud?

The Access Act has been here since Chretien wrote the Charter,
Him and Trudeau wrote in the days of President Jimmy Carter,
They wrote the Act to fog the facts and then go tax and spend,
Canadian taxpayers’ money that increased socialist trends.

Though Canada had that six hundred billion dollar debt,
It didn’t matter to socialists with a Team Canada jet.
A billion here, a billion there, it’s only taxpayers’ money,
And the Access Act hid the fact and that’s not very funny.

‘Cause CBC propaganda is a powerful potent brew,
Promote and push the path away from subjects that are taboo,
Powerful political rhetoric emphasize democracy,
Away from data that is buried deep in their bureaucracy.

And twenty years later they conceal their junket journeys,
Secret itineraries forbidden by the Access Act attorneys,
The arrogance of these Liberals who cannot be recalled,
Hiding behind the Access Act since it was installed.

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