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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Special Interest in Ottawa

Special Interest in Ottawa


James Bredin

The special-interest groups all have been allowed
With the multicultural and feminist crowd
And their prancing homosexual friends
To control all government policy trends
The socialists too and the communist types
Some activist anarchists of various stripes
Love these changes and cheer them on
While Liberals relax and just grin and yawn

And the Supreme Court is as crazy as the House
Made dopey decisions in defining "spouse"
And allowed Indian fishing out of season
While Canadians watched and pondered the reason
But no one would use the "notwithstanding" clause
To check or reflect the odd flaws in these laws,
So then the refugees and terrorists came
‘Cause immigration’s the same -- a Liberal game.

While the Americans wondered what was going on
The Liberals lounged while being frowned upon
They sent a few soldiers off to Afghanistan
‘Cause they only had a few and this was not their plan
Canadian soldiers could be kept as peacekeepers
On parade, guarding food and wearing sneakers
But Talaban terrorists all have free Charter rights
To be defended by lawyers to the Supreme Court heights

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