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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Secretive Canadian Parliamentarians

Secretive Canadian Parliamentarians


James Bredin

Every June parliamentarians heap themselves with praise.
Then they close for the summer and give themselves a raise.
Then the prime minister controls in council as a dictator.
Canadians have no say in the matter -- neither sooner or later.
By the time they reopen in September or October,
The media has forgotten and the long hot summer is over.
Parliamentarians hate questions ‘bout Shawinigan or money,
So Chretien wrote the Access Act, which isn’t very funny.

It is double speak for undisclosed hidden information,
Concealed like their stealthy itineraries or a secret political donation,
All listed in the eight pages of Access Act no-go places,
Which not only dooms democracy but hides their embarrassing cases,
‘Bout the deluge of illegal refugees or the immigration activity,
Or the link between Kyoto Agreement and radioactivity,
Or the little communist virus concealed within the Charter,
No property rights for Canadians, which is seldom read for starters.

And why are those appointed-for-life unique Supreme Court judges?
Never asked questions ‘bout feminists or their special-interest grudges?
And why is the Canadian dollar way down below at sixty cents?
As it continues dropping daily which makes no common sense.
And why are Canadians denied and not allowed binding referenda?
By those who pay billions rather than reveal the prime minister’s agenda.
It’s the same reason that half the lumber industry is now unemployed.
NAFTA was refused cabinet papers and they became annoyed.

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