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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ralph Klein and the Kyoto Agreement

Ralph Klein and the Kyoto Agreement


James Bredin

Ralph Klein can see the handwriting written on the wall
He opposed Chretien by announcing the premiers’ call
‘Bout the Kyoto Agreement that will cost us millions
Added to the national debt, already six hundred billions
They’re opposing the Liberals and Canada’s single party rule
Of appointed senators and judges in the Liberal political school

Liberal left-wing politicians worked up ‘bout global warming
Though it’ll be expensive they bend over backward performing
Which would you prefer, nuclear fuel or ordinary oil and gas?
Or like Chernobyl where the people were only second-class
Nuked without referendums - the people could not decide
The Liberals love CANDU reactors which they will provide.

And global warming we are told is terribly awfully bad
And in ten thousand years things will be dreadfully sad
Things will warm up like down in Mississippi
The weather will be warm instead of cold and nippy
George Bush has decided not to go along with the agreement
Got Chretien all worked up and downright vehement

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