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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Politically Correct Police

Politically Correct Police


James Bredin

It was a fight at the Texas Tavern and they never are well planned,
‘Bout a soccer game that the Serbs had played in some far and distant land,
No one knew who won the game but everyone got excited,
And the waitress kicked the fighters out and the onlookers laughed delighted.

And the punching and the spitting and the gouging and the blood,
Continued outside screaming and the shouting right down in the mud.
And sometime ‘mid this raucous the waitress called the police,
And the distant siren said it all but the fighting did not cease.

Even when the cop car came and drove right up beside the fight,
The clamor continued amid the blare of the flashing red light.
They swore in several languages and pushed and shoved some more,
And paid no attention as their clothes got ripped and tore.

The policeman was a woman - and small and slight for a cop,
But the gutsy old girl she screamed and told them all to stop.
She was no doubt politically correct but she certainly didn’t fit,
Where screaming drunken excited men just couldn’t give a shit.

She looked like someone’s granny and then she screamed again.
The crowd clamored intensely now, thought this scene insane.
Then someone lifted the policewoman on top of her police car,
Out of harms way up above the fray with a flashing light outside the bar.

Then the fighters all disbanded and went their merry way
While the policewoman on the car roof looked on in disarray.
The crowd now came to help her as she slowly slid down the back,
They were sympathetic but she looked like a little old sad sack.

Her pride was hurt as she asked them all if they knew who had used force,
They shook their heads in sad reply showing their remorse.
And the waitress said she knew them but as just a bunch of Serbs,
Who were soccer mad and very sad that she threw them out on the curb.

There’s a lesson here that I greatly fear could get lost like a lone star.
It’s not the soccer or the Serbs or the waitress or the bar.
It’s the feminist flocks that fix what is not politically correct,
They object and direct, employ and select until the police are wrecked.

The real world doesn’t matter to them ‘cause they have their special cause.
Their vested interests, their secret agenda that has changed the employment laws.
They have turned the police into social workers where everyone is equal.
And little old ladies of ninety-two should have no problems with the sequel.

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