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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - PRIME MINISTER FOR LIFE



James Bredin

Our prime minister for life, eternal leader of our community,
Acted with impunity, RCMP immunity and at every opportunity,
He did it in Shawinigan and got his ethics guy support,
Taxpayers’ millions to needy friends and they never went to court.
And admitted all in an election call but had pre procured his protection,
Their appointed positions depended on him but no one made the connection,
And then got reelected to a third term ‘cause he can repeat for life,
Without term limits, he can do it again forever without strife.

And now he’s free to tax and spend as socialists love to do,
But the dollar dived and dived again and he doesn’t have a clue,
He was not elected prime minister by the Canadian masses,
But a conspiracy of his friends -- just Liberals who had passes,
This is an old system that Canadians failed to rearrange,
Left by imperialists to ensure that nothing would ever change.
‘Bout the status quo, George the King and George the General fought,
Freedom of this and freedom of that - not refugees in distraught.

This is the man who with Trudeau, sat down and wrote the Charter,
Wrote it for "everyone" in the world - a Canadian disaster.
Where Indians are not Canadian and no one has property rights,
And laws are changed sixty times by appointed High Court types,
Who themselves are never questioned ‘bout their hidden concerns,
Secrets banned and forbidden from which the public could discern,
Where refugees pass with the terrorist class -- might even be a million,
These numbers lost and what it cost - could even be a zillion.

And Canadians are not allowed proportional representation,
‘cause this would put the Liberals in a minority situation,
No need for referendums or the recall of Liberal politicians,
Disregard those depositions ‘bout crooked acquisitions,
What if the Access Act hides their vast global movements?
To tax and spend, make no amends and very few improvements,
Never pay down the national debt; what if it’s six hundred billion?
What if the dollar is fifty cents; go give or spend a million.

It’s top-down decisions - Liberals obey or they are banned.
It’s party discipline with their votes regardless where they stand.
The shenanigans in Shawinigan may continue on forever,
And those twenty two police investigations - under the rug whichever,
And Canadians have been trained by their socialist propaganda,
Produced daily in their papers with vast amounts of memoranda,
Their illusion of democracy and their contempt for this nation.
As the dollar dives towards a dime should be the subject of conversation.

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