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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - NAFTA and Currency

NAFTA and Currency


James Bredin

The history of Europe is filled with wars about borders
And kings and queens and political dictator disorders
But recently they concluded that history wasn’t funny
So they decided on union with identical money
And they called on Robert Mundell for currency advice
A Canadian Nobel Prize winner and very precise
They decided to call their currency the Euro
With twelve big economies in one little bureau

Mundell is shunned by NAFTA and Ottawa politicians
Locked in as they are to their status quo traditions
‘Cause Canada, the US, Mexico and NAFTA should change
In order to raise NAFTA to a higher economic range
‘Cause the global economy doesn’t like multiple exchange rates
Or tax and spend politicians putting countries in desperate straits
This is what Europeans suffered for most of their history
‘Till they joined together, got the Euro and stopped the mystery

Spendthrift socialist politicians should bury their pride
‘Cause sovereignty is no good if the currency has died
Left wing propaganda may be great for developing nations
‘Cause it covers the trail of those corruption allegations
And if NAFTA is good and the FTAA will be better
Pay down the national debt and we wont be a debtor
Show some responsibility to improve the whole nation
And recover from this sixty-cent dollar frustration.

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