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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberals are here forever

Liberals are here forever


James Bredin

Canadians have no idea 'bout the date of the next election,
But they do know something 'bout the arrogant Liberal selection,
'Cause they are fed what they should know by a complant media,
Liberals denying they are corrupt using the whole encyclopedia.

Their self-serving slease, secrecy, status quo is surely slow decay,
These pompous prates of patronage avoid change by delay delay,
As they ponder the policies and practices and their poor reputation,
But talk and tax as they tour the world and explain their situation.

In order to change their crooked image they have started a new strategy,
They'll tax and spend and ignore the trend and deny all this lathergy,
And send their bag men to collect for government contract money,
Feather their nest where fundraising is best and it's all very funny.

There's something very sinister in chicanery, cynicism and corruption,
But their majority stops inquiries, forced retirements and interuption,
Holds off representation by population with a low voter turn out,
A split opposition, no binding referendums and lots of voter burnout.

Keep the immigrants coming -- explain their Charter rights,
Have all those refugee-rights acvocates meet all the incoming flights,
They'll all be Liberal voters in only a short three years,
Made Canadian citizens by appointed judges -- no questions no fears.

These perpetual politicians stay forever with no term limit bounds,
A backbench Liberal landed little army -- exactly like it sounds,
No debt reduction -- it's multiculturalism and Francophonie all the way,
And they'll just buy another election with equalization here to stay.

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