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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Manipulation

Liberal Manipulation


James Bredin

Since 1996 the Liberals created nine private friendly foundations,
And maneuvered seven billion dollars there in interesting donations,
Auditor General Sheila Fraser found this track record very interesting,
That the Liberals should be so blatant unconcerned and disconcerting,
ĎCause parliament canít inspect or analyze where these billions go,
And the overtaxed Canadians are told nothing Ďbout their dough,
Secretive and manipulative, scheming, with a smell in the air,
Liberal outsource business, Enron-style, to their off-balance-sheet lair.

These foundations are set up to move billions to the proper people,
Quietly, without questions in parliament or shouting from a steeple,
Itís for organized Liberal activists who scream rights for minorities,
Homosexuals, feminists, aboriginals - minorities with priorities,
What the majority of Canadian donít know is none of their concern,
Itís secretive Liberal policy - nothing parliament should learn,
Itís how they capture votes by manipulation and organization,
And donating taxpayersí billions to their every foundation.

This is the Shawinigan group sent money to almost every parishioner,
Condoned by the appointed ethics guy and the RCMP commissioner,
A small town that got more money than all the provinces in the West,
Just because the prime minister lived there and no one dare arrest,
This is the HRDC group that just misplaced a billion dollars,
What happened to those police investigations after the Alliance hollers?
This is what Canadians get when only sixty percent vote,
And the forty percent who didnít vote allow the Liberals to gloat.

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