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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Immigration Refugee Board Appointments

Liberal Immigration Refugee Board Appointments


James Bredin

They call themselves honorable this and honorable that
And minister of this and itís nothing to laugh at
Amid announcements about their frequent appointments
Of their friends and companions without disappointments

They do this in accordance with their own past practice
Openly and on the web - proud and pushy with malpractice
With advice from their own ministerial advisory committee
Their administrative commission of ritual pity

They designate this individual here and that one there
For Joe jobs with titles and say everything is fair
All within the government and legal professions
No whistle blowers here and certainly no confessions

And those who contribute significantly to their cause
Get more money and titles and much more applause
They have to pretend that they improve efficiency
And scream out loud if someone shows self-sufficiency

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