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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - INTERNAL AFFAIRS



James Bredin

Human nature is a mixture of ambition and opportunity.
Same traits that complement or condemn your own community.
One of the disciples approached the powers that be,
And asked about someone he could sell and guarantee,
And the location of Jesus was sold for a price -
No evidence, no crime and no rights would suffice.
And they condemned him to death for doing the wrong thing,
For preaching in Israel and saying he was king.

Things havenít changed much down through the years,
And Internal Affairs gets their share of volunteers,
To indict their fellow comrades just to get upstairs,
No evidence, no crime and no rights but who cares,
To be praised and primed and pampered and often promoted,
Rub shoulders with the powerful while comrades are demoted,
For saying the wrong thing or thinking the wrong thought,
By those who sell their souls and can easily be bought.

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