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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Homeless



James Bredin

These homeless types are bold and bright even when they’re cold,
Some are seriously young and some are desperately old.
They’ve all developed a ruthless attitude to a dreadful degree,
Some are mentally disturbed and on this we could agree,
Their socialist friends love them and tell them they’re right,
They’re politically correct and full of sweetness and light,
It’s the workers who are the problem for not giving them money,
For these wretched bums for booze and drugs - not very funny.

These homeless types live every night in each doorway and alley,
They’re told to come and demand their rights at every political rally,
Their righteous friends at City Hall are all desperate for power,
And demand these flagrant vagrants types should be paid by the hour,
With money, welfare, social services, transit tickets and housing,
Proud ‘bout politically correct communist system they’re espousing,
They’re going to give the homeless all the rights they can barter,
For power, peace and good will ‘cause it’s written in the Charter.

And the Charter can’t be changed, written by Chretien and Trudeau,
Where the homeless have all the rights and there is no quid quo pro,
Where ordinary people can be bothered by every other vagrant,
On the road and on the street, deliberate, barefaced and flagrant,
And worried workers made to feel that they are being compelled,
To give their pay and power ‘cause the homeless can’t be quelled,
And the country is going down the sewer where all the vagrants live,
Like little communist, all together now, we’re equal and ready to forgive.

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