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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Hey Quebec

Hey Quebec


James Bredin

Unilingual and proud

Hey Quebec, I know why you think Ottawa is great,
With welfare payments to keep those separatists sedate,
Equalization to keep you from pulling your weight.
Is it possible that maybe we could_ maybe _ separate?

That six billion payola payment each year,
Expensive_ those Quebec politicians who cover your rear,
While other Canadians are getting it up to here,
Highest taxed people in the world so I hear.

Why should I feel compelled to go out and learn French?
Heard it on the radio and it makes no sense.
While the dollar is dropping down_ down to sixty cents.
You must think were all both dumb and dense.

You still realize that I am really your friend
But you are unilingual while I condescend,
With this French being pushed by the Ottawa trend
In the radio stations of those who tax and spend

Im just waiting for one politician with the guts,
To look at this system and realize were nuts,
To shake it all up and throw out that Charter
That your Trudeau imposed on us for a starter.

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