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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Helen Harpinger was a Hooker

Helen Harpinger was a Hooker


James Bredin

Helen Harpinger was a hooker who worked on the track,
She did most of her best work on her knees or on her back.
She had been married three or four times to various guys,
But it never seemed to last when these guys became wise.

'Cause normal guys don't want a hooker to keep as a wife,
They'd prefer someone dependable for the rest of their life,
And Helen was addicted to the lies and excitment of the track,
She had done it for years with those addicted to crack,

She knew more about men than the average encyclopedia,
But this could never get published - not in the public media,
Some wanted to pimp her while others claimed she was in sin,
While her cell phone kept ringing - it was always win win.

Helen had a daughter now who in their lifestyle knew the score,
Her ambition was to grow up and like her mother be a whore,
In their welfare world this was the norm -- a way to survive,
Be an entrepeneur, sell your stuff, pay no taxes and thrive.

Helen was not for sale but she certainly was for rent,
And for a few hundred dollars it was money well spent,
Unfortunately the law did not agree with Helenís style,
She had been charged several times and had to go to trial.

She paid her fines and did her time and even tried to change,
Found work in a factory but the pay was piss poor exchange,
She could work all day and half the night and hardly pay her rent,
And the government took half that pay -- taxed every hard earned cent.

Helen had the foolish notion that society should change,
But the preachers and the politicians all thought this was strange,
How could they change the laws of this city and this nation?
Just to allow hookers and their johns to partake in fornication?

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