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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - HOW TO FIX CANADA



James Bredin

The refugees of the world are lined up and now coming here
And Chretienís Charter says theyíre in without questions or fear
Thatís the PM from Shawinigan who decided to stay in again
He may stay for life and without term limits -- to our chagrin again

Itís obvious to Canadians that they need changes big time
A new constitution for all Canadians - not refugees in line
Where Western Canadians get a proportional share of power
Of representation in Ottawa instead of always feeling sour

A conference should be held in a small town out west
No lobby groups or influence or welfare as the test
No special rights for provinces or people should be expected
Where aboriginals are Canadian and property rights accepted

And Canadians could sell their property to anyone they please
Have binding referendums without political expertise
And a triple E Senate and questioned Supreme Court appointees
And recall of politicians by constituent conferees

And all Canadians, like Australians, should be required to vote
Rather than some of the people with a special interest to promote
And the prime minister should be elected by the entire nation
Instead of his party friends lined up in formation

And immigration, as in Quebec, should be a provincial matter
Nearer to the people who have to endure the strange chatter
The Charter should be abandoned which Quebec refused to sign
And Supreme Court decisions should have to realign

The provinces should be the entity to collect every tax
And the national government in Ottawa should sit back and relax
And the RCMP should be told Ďbout conflict of interest administration
Where millions to Shawinigan is an arrestable situation

And the twenty-one investigations Ďbout the HRDC billions
All missing in the paperwork; whatís a million, blame the civilians
And no questions can be asked; maybe hidden by the Access Act
And the road to his cottage; another RCMP righteous tract

And the six hundred billion national debt strung around our necks
Six times what Argentina had and they rioted in protest
And the interest gobbles up one third of every tax we pay
Nothing off the principal - thatís left for another day.

Every election should be by an appointed date
Instead of when he feels the heat -- to avoid debate
The amending formula should be much more elementary
Three provinces or one third of the people for an entry

And here you thought Canada had very few problems to solve
And we had years and years to wait for changes to evolve
If we wait that long our dollar will be worth at least a dime
Can you see the shame and humiliation here; can you see the crime?

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